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Are you looking to become a subcontractor? Max Restoration is growing RAPIDLY and we are actively looking for subcontractors and those who want to become subcontractors. The Max team is known as a “high performing” general contractor within its unique client base that provides exceptional treatment to its contractors, vendors, and all other team members. Max’s goal is not to be the biggest contractor, but rather to be the BEST.

Nearly all projects are on unoccupied homes and range in value from $2,000.00 to $40,000.00. The scopes, schedules, and expectations are relatively standard from home to home.

Who we are looking for:

  • You are an overall general contracting crew that can renovate a home from start to finish while working with other subcontractors.
  • You install tile floors.
  • You run your own painting crew(s).
  • You fix, repair, or maintain swimming pools.
  • You are a handyman or handy woman.
  • You fix, repair, or maintain roofing systems.

Unlike most of its competitors, Max Restoration, LLC, Max Roofing, and all their other divisions operate their business on a specific set of Core Values that ALL team members must adhere to and agree to uphold.  The Max Core Values (“MCV”) are the driving force behind Max being regarded amongst the best in the industry.  No one should know the difference between an employee, sub-contractor, or vendor on a Max project as everyone is in alignment with one another and operating on the same core principles.

Here are the Max Restoration Core Values:

  1. Be the BEST
  2. Be Transparent
  3. Be Honest
  4. Be ONE Team
  5. Be Client Focused
  6. Be Growth Oriented

Each subcontractor is expected to work in such a way that is in accordance with these Core Values.  Failure to comply with the company’s Core Values, policies, or procedures will result in termination of our partnership.  Should you, or anyone on your team have any questions about these requirements, contact your Vendor Management Representative. 

This is Our Offer:

  • We will endeavor to provide consistent work on vacant properties.
  • Weekly payment schedule on completed and approved projects.
  • Small to large scale projects based on your skillset and preferred work location, if available.
  • Assistance with the day-to-day administrative assistance with your projects: Material orders, coordinating schedules, communication with clients and other subs, material delivery and trash haul off.
  • Industry leading bonus structure for recruiting other teams, individual performance, and the overall performance of the ENTIRE Max Team.

The Process to Join Our Team is Simple

Fill out form and email to [email protected]. For a Spanish form, please call us at 480.826.6939
English Form

Sub Testimonials

My Name is Alin, and I have been with Max Restoration the longest. Any time I have been put in a tough spot with life or work the guys have gone above and beyond to help me not only with great life advice but also with finances as well. I can truly say we are a team here. If another crew is in a bind or needs an extra hand, we all help each other out. Not only do they provide tons of office support but also in the field as well. We have dump trailers that they let us use at no cost to help make our jobs go faster as well as other big and costly equipment. When I say we treat each other like family we mean it. We have meetings every other week to discuss problems on jobs and brainstorm to see how we can make our team better and faster We have a few outings as a team a few times a year to relax and wind down as a team. I highly recommend this company. – Alin

Sub Testimonials

  1. My experience with the Max Restoration team is really good. They are a team of really good people and are very helpful.
  2. Work flow is very good, and there’s plenty of it for everyone. I can say I’m at a point where I can decide my workflow.
  3. Company culture is good. As time goes by, it’s becoming a family company. It’s a friendly and respectful environment. I’m very thankful for Max because I got an opportunity to do more economically not just for me, but my family.
  4. Payments are good for me
  5. Policies and procedures are very clear. Do you work, do it right and we should all have work.


Sub Testimonials

The work flow of this team is going on a good route thanks to the team at Max Restoration. They have helped my team and me succeed. The company is very helpful. If someone is going through a hard time they are more than willing to help.


Sub Testimonials

My experience working with Max Restoration has been great overall. Strong support from Office Manager with Vendor communications, project coordination, assisting with company equipment, and timely payments. The staff truly cares for the success of it’s contractors and seeks to provide whatever means necessary to make business efficient and profitable.

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