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Max Restoration, LLC is a general contracting, painting, and flooring firm primarily focused on business-to-business transactions with repeat clients in the REIT, iRenting and iBuying market segments. Their company is continuously regarded amongst the highest performing vendors within their “Blue Ocean” client base.

Why Use Max Restoration?

The reason Max’s clients regard them as the BEST amongst their competition is because the company has developed an amazing culture based on the Max Core Values (MCV). The MCV are the heartbeat and driving force behind for the entire company and is what makes the Max team the best:

Be the BEST – In all aspects of life and business, strive to be the BEST, not the biggest.

Be Transparent – Communicate and act with positive intent, authenticity and transparency with employees, sub-contractors, clients, vendors, and all other team members.

Be Honest – Work as if everyone is watching and always do the right thing.

Be One Team – Succeed as a team, not as individuals.

Be Client Focused – Listen to the client and embrace their needs and challenges as our own and with relentless pursuit to deliver on their expectations.

Be Balanced – Enjoy your work but leave it at work and be home when you are at home.

Be Growth Oriented – Always strive to be better and maintain an abundance mentality while proactively seeking opportunities to better yourself, your performance, and your community.


Initial Renovations

Quite often, when a Max client purchases a multi-family complex, or single-family residence, the “unit(s)” must be renovated to the client’s approved specification. The company takes pride in the fact that they consistently meet or exceed schedule expectations on the renovations they are hired to complete.


As a resident moves out, turn work is expected to be completed quickly and professionally. While these scopes are typically much smaller than a renovation, or deferred renovation, Max’s Restoration turn crews are very efficient in turning the unit for leasing. Contact us to get started on your next general contracting project.


Sometimes while a home is occupied, an unexpected event occurs like a roof leak, or a flood. Working in an occupied home is much different than unoccupied homes and the Max service team knows this. They use clear communication and effective scheduling to rapidly address the service work order so that the resident and the client are both taken care of.

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