New Construction and Re-roofing

All Types of Roofing!

Max Restoration is an industry leader in both re-roofing and installation of new roofing systems on custom homes.  Whether your project includes standing seam metal, spray foam, clay tile, sandcast tile, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or any other type of roofing system, The Max team should be your first call!

With extensive experience in dealing with the affluent new construction, reconstruction and property restoration market, the experience of the Max team is second to none when it comes to knowledge of high end roofing systems available in the market today.

Remember that your roof significantly effects the curb appeal of your home, so don't trust just any roofing contractor when the time comes to build or re-roof your home.

Liberty Mutual Claim

Active Duty Navy

While out of town, an active duty serviceman experienced a water loss in his hallway that caused damage to both bathrooms, his hallway and master bedroom.  Mold subsequently grew, and the family had to be relocated for the duration of the project.  Liberty Mutual covered all expenses for the relocation, pack-out, restoration and reconstruction of the home.

CHUBB Insurance Claim

60-Mil TPO

CHUBB is known to insure the affluent and high net worth individuals.  This $500k roofing system was paid for by CHUBB and they insisted on having the best for their client.  Working 24 hours a day, a typical built-up roofing system was removed and replaced with a 60-mil GAF TPO with all new skylights, burglar bars, insulation and code upgrade requirements.

Farmers Insurance Claim

3,000 Squares

The roofing project consisted of asphalt shingles on nearly 150 hillside buildings.  The slopes were very steep, high and were covered with snow for almost the entire duration of the project.  Close communication with Farmers Insurance and the property manager ensured the project was successfully completed on time, within budget and with all applicable code upgrades.

Travelers Insurance Claim

1,000 Squares of Spray Foam!

Travelers Insurance's large loss division took care of this condominium complex by paying for a roof replacement on all spray foam, metal roofing and modified roofing systems on the entire property.  The entire wood deck had to be replaced under the spray foam, and several buildings had to be painted, as well!